Consulting Structural Engineers, A HUB Certified Company.


Richard Chetter, P.E.

Mr. Chetter offers more than 40 years of experience to this project. Upon earning a degree from the University of Texas at Austin, Mr. Chetter has been a key contributor to many of the major projects designed by this firm. Mr. Chetter has proven his ability to manage a project to an on-time and in-budget completion basis.

Ronald A. Podojil, P.E.

Mr. Podojil has been a member of our firm for over 20 years. Mr. Podojil has earned Bachelor and Master degrees from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Richard D. Roll, P.E., SECB

Mr. Roll has been with this firm for over 27 years, and offers over 37 years of experience to our clientele. Mr. Roll earned a Bachelor of Engineering Science degree from Trinity University in 1973, and a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering degree in 1980 from The University of Texas at Austin.